Zaporizhzhia Non-Ferrous Metal Plant.

About the Enterprise

The ZZСM enterprise has been in the cable and wire product market for over 30 years. During this short period, the plant has established itself as a reliable partner and a professional in its field. Special attention is given to the quality management system at ZZCM LLC.

The quality management system at ZZCM LLC has today become a full-fledged enterprise management system.

Customer orientation, leadership at all levels of management, involvement of personnel in achieving common tasks and goals, a process-oriented approach in the practical activities of the enterprise, a focus on continuous improvement of the quality management system’s performance, decision-making based on facts, their evaluation, and comprehensive analysis, as well as the optimization of management decisions in relationships with suppliers – these are the principles that, in the context of ZZCM, transform the quality management system into an enterprise management system.

At different times, the enterprise cooperated with various certification bodies.

Currently, the certification of the enterprise’s quality management system has been conducted by the world leader in testing, inspection, and certification – “Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS-UK Branch.” As stated by the General Director of “Bureau Veritas,” Didier Michaud-Daniel, their certificate brings confidence in the world of risks!

And the confidence of ZZCM is the confidence of ZZCM’s partners!

Quality Policy of ZZCM LLC:

“The quality of the products we manufacture is the guarantee of the well-being and prosperity of the enterprise and its employees!”

To be a leader in the design, development, and production of insulated wires, cables, and other insulated electrical conductors; copper and aluminum wires; twisted wires, cables, braided cords, and similar products made of copper and aluminum, electrically uninsulated.

ZZCM Strategy:

● Maintain existing and enter new product markets.
● Develop and design new types of products needed by consumers.
● Continuously improve its products and customer service in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9000:2015.

Principles and directions for implementing the “Quality Policy of ZZCM LLC”:

● The consumer is the main source of ZZCM’s well-being and development. Products and customer service must meet their requirements and take into account their future expectations.
● Leadership at all levels of management determines the unity of prospective directions and the ultimate goal.
● Full involvement of personnel in achieving Quality Objectives, regular training, and competence enhancement of personnel.
● Application of a process approach in organizing the practical activities of the enterprise.
● Compliance with applicable requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015.
● Decision-making based on the assessment and comprehensive analysis of specific facts.
● Optimization of relationships with suppliers through their own management decisions.

ZZCM LLC management has taken responsibility for implementing the “Quality Policy of ZZCM LLC,” ensuring understanding and support by all plant employees!

Mission of ZZCM LLC:

“We work to provide you with the opportunity to buy the best and make the world around us safer, preserving the lives and health of people.”


Alliance system innovation – official distributor of ZZKM in Ukraine.

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