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SKS is a communication system that provides data, voice, and video transmission between devices within a limited area, such as a building, a complex of buildings, or an enterprise territory. SKS may include various data transmission technologies, such as wired, wireless, optical, and others. The main goal of SKS is to ensure fast and reliable exchange of information between devices within a limited area.

DC (Data Center) is a specially equipped room or complex of rooms designed for storing, processing, and providing access to a large amount of data. DC usually has a large number of servers, ensures fault tolerance, and can be used for various purposes, such as storing email, files, videos, music, and for conducting various computing operations, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and so on.

DC and SKS are often used together to ensure fast and reliable access to data. SKS can provide communication between different computers and servers located in DC, as well as between different DCs, which may be located in different places. This infrastructure allows companies to store a large amount of data in a centralized location, ensuring their protection from loss or damage.

Additionally, such infrastructure allows companies to efficiently use their resources to provide high-quality services to their customers. DC can be configured to automatically scale its resources depending on the needs of the company. This means that when demand for services increases, DC can quickly respond, providing the necessary resources to satisfy customers’ needs.

Data security is also an important component of DC and SKS infrastructure. Data centers can be configured to provide high fault tolerance as well as protect data from unauthorized access. SKS, in turn, can be protected from external intrusions and viruses.

Overall, DC and SKS infrastructure can be very useful for companies that need to store and process large amounts of data, as well as provide high-quality services to their customers.