Teltonika Networks, the first outdoor router OTD140.

Last edit date: 26/01/2024

Teltonika Networks has announced the release of a new device – the first outdoor router OTD140.

OTD140, a sturdy and versatile 4G router, serves as a bright example of innovation from Teltonika. This outdoor router has been carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of modern networks, ranging from home use to complex M2M (Machine to Machine) applications and business applications. The integration of 4G capabilities into the OTD140 represents a significant step forward, especially in the realm of high-speed and reliable Internet connectivity.

Brief information:

  • OTD140 has an IP55 dust and water resistance rating, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as surveillance, elevators, wind and solar farms.
  • The router supports PoE+ and can power end devices through the same cable used for communication.
  • For stable and uninterrupted connection, the device utilizes LTE Cat 4 with two SIM cards, built-in security features, and support for industrial protocols.
  • The router operates on RutOS and is supported by the RMS remote management system for convenient management and control.

Diverse Use Cases of the OTD140 Outdoor Router:

  • For Home Use: For residents of private homes, the OTD140 offers reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. It is especially advantageous to use it in homes located in areas with poor wired broadband infrastructure, providing an effective alternative to traditional internet services.
  • In Office and Business Environments: In corporate settings, the OTD140 serves as an ideal solution for connecting to the WAN port of office firewalls. This ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity, crucial for business operations, cloud services, and remote work scenarios.
  • M2M and Industrial Applications: The router is perfectly suited for Machine to Machine communications, playing a critical role in Industrial IoT applications. It can be used for remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment, telematics, and in various other scenarios where reliable outdoor connectivity is necessary.
  • Surveillance and Security Systems: The OTD140 is also ideal for outdoor surveillance systems, providing stable and high-speed internet connectivity for cameras and security devices.

In conclusion, the OTD140 Outdoor Router from Teltonika Networks is not just a technological product; it’s a comprehensive solution for diverse networking needs. Whether it’s for home, office, or industrial applications, the OTD140 stands as a testament to Teltonika’s unwavering dedication to innovation and quality in the field of networking technology. With the OTD140, Teltonika Networks continues to pave the way for a more connected and efficient future.