Odeskabel. Update of the flexible LAN cable series OK-NET.

Last edit date: 21/12/2023

Odeskabel has developed and already released batches of two new patch cables (with multi-wire conductors), namely:

1. External Category 5E cable with an overall foil shield (F/UTP). Model – KHPPE-VP (100) 4*2*0.48 (F/UTP-cat.5E-SL patch AWG26), code 7934118;

2. Internal Category 6 cable in unshielded design (U/UTP). Model – KHPV-VP (250) 4*2*0.60 (U/UTP-cat.6 patch AWG24), code 7931090.

Descriptions of these cables can be found in the Reviews. The main features that led to the development of these new cables include:

– The Category 5E cable was designed to have a maximum similarity to the ‘stock’ cable of Starlink, as well as for specific equipment that needs to be frequently coiled/uncoiled in field conditions. This required shielding and an outer sheath;

– Many requests to the factory for flexible cables came under the AWG24 caliber. However, the dimensions of solid and flexible cable conductors significantly differ when viewed not in the ‘AWG’ format but in the more familiar ‘mm’. Therefore, a cable had to be made with a record conductor diameter of 0.6mm (7*0.2mm). In the process of its development, it became clear that it could meet not only the parameters of Category 5E but also 6. Thus, the product line now includes the first flexible Category 6 cable.

And finally, a small spoiler: expect another very interesting cable at the beginning of 2024, which will be the highlight of the patch cable range.

Both new products are already available, so we look forward to your orders.