Reliability and trust

The trust of consumers and long-term experience in the market allow the Corporation to maintain the status of a reliable supplier of electrical equipment with improved quality and ease of use at affordable prices for the Ukrainian buyer.

Corporate mottos “Reliability. Quality. Life insurance” and “We are created for you!”, under which the life of the Corporation takes place, determine its philosophy and constant desire not only to expand the range of products, but also to improve its structural and technical characteristics in order to achieve maximum quality and reliability.


The basis of the Corporation’s success on the Ukrainian market is the support of partners and mutually beneficial cooperation. In order to get as close as possible to the final consumer, the Corporation strives to be present in all regions, actively developing its distribution network. Mutually beneficial relations with partners are based on the principles of trust, honesty and guarantee of the obligations undertaken by the parties.

The main advantages of cooperation with the Corporation are that ASKO-UKREM provides:

– A wide range of products (over 6,500 items) and constant availability of goods in stock;
– Optimal price-quality ratio, high product reliability;
– Flexible pricing;
– Mandatory product warranty support from the manufacturer;
– Full product certification and compliance with standards;
– High quality customer service, modern management;
– Maximum acceptable conditions for partners;
– Modern warehousing and efficiency of transport and logistics processes;
– Responsibility and stability.

Area of application of ASKO-UKREM products:

– Utilities;
– Construction;
– Agro-industrial complex;
– Food Industry;
– Woodworking;
– Mechanical engineering;
– Metallurgy, etc. branches of the national economy.


The corporation promptly responds to the needs and trends of the modern electrical engineering market, offering the Ukrainian consumer innovative solutions of varying degrees of technical complexity.

All products of ASKO-UKREM are designed and manufactured in full compliance with DSTU and international standards. The high technical level is confirmed by relevant quality certificates and mandatory bench testing at the manufacturer’s factory under the technical control of the Corporation. The warranty period applies to all products.

Areas of activity

The corporation works successfully in the electrical engineering market of Ukraine, intensively developing the main areas of its activity.

The main directions of our activity:

– A wide range of low-voltage products and electrical installation tools;
– Household electrical installation;
– Electrical measuring devices
– Production of switchboard equipment.

At the same time, the Corporation promptly responds to market requests and also develops other areas.


Employees of the Corporation are distinguished by extensive practical experience and dedication to their work. A friendly team of highly qualified specialists of ASKO-UKREM provides a complete understanding of customer needs and provides the highest possible quality of service.

Information and technical support

The corporation provides information and technical support to partners:

– Provision of complete technical information on products;
– Information about novelties;
– Constant updating of catalogs with all technical parameters;
– Participation in industry exhibitions;
– Technical seminars;
– Provision of copies of necessary certificates;
– Conducting information mailings.

Qualified specialists of the Corporation carry out the selection of equipment according to the customer’s technical parameters, taking into account the peculiarities of installation and operation at specific objects, perform complex electrical installation solutions.

The Corporation operates a unified telephone support service for consumers of ASKO-UKREM products.

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