ARDIC ELEKTRIK SAN TİC LTD.ŞTİ. is manufacturing cable management sytems in İstanbul from 1987 to 2008 after that cont_nously expanding and renewing its activities in Tekirdag Kapaklı Organized Industrial Zone. It is among the leading companies engaged in Metal Cable Management Systems.

In order to respond quickly with high quality solutions to increasing demands and different needs,  ARDIC ELEKTRIK design and manufactures all the moulds and even some of the mach_nes in its own units.

ARDIC ELEKTRIK manufactures high quality cable trays and accessories as mass production in own industrial plant with continous production line of progress ve ROLL FORMING technology.

Organized Industry Zone, the hot dip galvanization pool was put into operations by Ardic Electric to supply good service and fast delivery in its growing market share. According to the 2017 targets, it is planned to open the second part of the hot dip galvanization plant.

ARDIC ELEKTRIK Quality policy, experience and technology, customer satisfaction, keeping them together with these quality certificates:

DIN ISO 9001; 2008 / DIN EN ISO 14001; 2009 / OHSAS 18001; 2007 / TSE (TS EN 61537) CE / GOST-R / ISO 9001:2008 / DIN 4102 E90 (FIRE CERTIFICATE) and also American Quality Certificate of (20160218-E477638) UL and EN 60068-3-3 Seismic Certificate were taken by  ARDIC ELEKTRIK.

Based on these quality standards, to increase its customer potential with high quality, low cost, and fast delivery and targetting to produce in world standards.

ARDIC ELEKTRIK also exports %40 of the goods to European, Asian, African countries, and sells %60 in the domestic market.

ARDIC ELEKTRIK practices taking in accordance with the legislation of the necessary work has been meticulously taking advice from specialist organizations for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Occupat_onal Health and Safety.


To provide maximum quality with minimum cost and timely delivery. To serve with accordance with the law, continouns improvment, employee satisfaction and work safety with enviromentally sound manner.


To work with solution partner princible, to create quality and difference and ensure unconditional customer satisfaction.

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