Structured cabling system for data centers (DCS) is a comprehensive communication system that includes network cables, connectors, patch panels, and other components used to transmit data between servers, storage devices, and other devices in the data center.

The structured cabling system for DCS provides fast and reliable data transmission in the DCS network. It has a high density of network connections and a large bandwidth, allowing for the transmission of large amounts of data between devices in the DCS network with high speed and reliability.

Structured cabling systems for DCS have certain features compared to traditional MSCS or OSCS, as they must meet high requirements for reliability and data transmission speed in the DCS. Special types of cables and connectors are typically used to ensure high connection density and fast data transmission.

Structured cabling systems for DCS are an important component of the infrastructure of data centers, as they ensure reliable and efficient data transmission between devices in the DCS network.