Communication cables are a type of cables designed to transmit various types of signals, including telephone conversations, internet connections, video and audio signals, data, and other types of communication. Communication cables consist of conductors, an insulated covering that protects the conductors from external influences, and a protective covering that helps prevent signal loss and protects the cable from damage.

There are several types of communication cables used for different purposes. One of the most common types of communication cables is copper cables, which are used to transmit telephone conversations, internet connections, and other types of data over short distances.

Optical cables are another type of communication cables used to transmit signals using light over long distances at high speeds and with high reliability.

In addition, there are specialized communication cables such as coaxial cables used to transmit video and audio signals, or cables used to transmit signals from satellite antennas and other devices.

Communication cables are an important component of any communication network that allows for the transmission of diverse data between different devices and computers. They are used in various fields, including telecommunications, medicine, aviation, science, and technology.